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Linkname:Wang Zaiqiang TEL:0086-532-85067708 Address:NO.18 DONGHAI ZHONG ROAD, QINGDAO, CHINA,Qingdao,Qingdao,Shandong Company:BURT GROUP CO LTD Sales Department More than 20 dust extraction machines available Different workshops require different specifi cations, and with our selection of more than 20 models, we have something for everybody. We have the light-duty 1hp model for small personal workshops and the powerful 7hp model for industrial behemoths. And we have something for everyone in between. So if you??re preparing for your next dust extractor order, consider your entire market. We??re here to help. All of our machines are outfitted with powerful steel centrifugal fans, while many of our competitors install basic PVC fans. And each unit carries GS, CE, EMC, CSA and UL approvals for your sourcing convenience. Our five ISO 9001:2000-certifi ed factories help us turn out up to 96,000 dust extractors per year, along with 240,000 woodworking machines and 24,000 metal-cutting band saws. We??ve been in business since 1993 and still serve our very first client today. For more information, contact us today.

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